Buy OKEx Loyalty Points
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First-use account verification takes 1-5 minutes, please be patient.
Loyalty Points Amount
Max Trade Amount: 10000!
Order Amount
(no digits are not recognized, please pay within half an hour)!
Shroff Account
The Price of Per-point Is 0.450 Usdt/pts 50 Points
The Price of Per-point Is 0.445 Usdt/pts 1000 Points
The Price of Per-point Is 0.440 Usdt/pts 4000 Points
Orders are traded in  money first.
Please check your quantity and amount carefully and confirm.
After the order is submitted, please withdraw the money to the designated account within 30 minutes.
The amount of money raised must be strictly consistent with the amount indicated by the system, otherwise it is invalid.
Upon receipt of the specified amount, the system will immediately proceed the point card delivery.
It takes one to five minutes to get there.
If you have any questions or problems with the order, please contact the customer service